The Tales of Britain BLOG

Since the first volume of Tales of Britain launched on Unbound during Glastonbury 2017, Brother Bernard has been keeping a WEEKLY blog for Folklore Thursday – that's a blinking flip of a lot of bloggage, charting the funding, and then creation, of the first British anthology of folktales in over THIRTY YEARS! Generally, each week takes the theme proposed by Folklore Thursday, and fits it to one of the book's 77 tales – though sometimes it's a different tale which isn't yet in the book, or something else entirely.


With the book due out, this painstakingly crafted blog will soon be deleted, so we're going to migrate the whole thing to here seasonally, and continue the blog beyond the release of the book, and hopefully for many years to come! 

Sadly the blogging options offered by this domain are truly awful, so the links below all go to Wordpress instead – and some blogs refer to audio links which won't migrate, so you can find them all on our audio channel, featured just below! Now take the journey...

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