No matter what your age (though under-5s do best in a parent's lap), folk of all possible ages can enjoy these tales as performed live by comedian/Blackadder chronicler Jem Roberts & beloved voice actor Kate Harbour (Shaun the Sheep, Bob the Builder) as BROTHER BERNARD & SISTER SAL – or sometimes with Bernard on his own, when you get to request your own tale by picking a spot on the British map of tales! You can expect dragons, pigs, talking cats, booming ogres, thrilling battles, and even an enormous pie baked with FREE SWEETIES! 

Get in touch today if you'd like Bernard, or Bernard & Sal to visit a festival or event near you! 2020 obviously went kaput as far as live shows and festivals are concerned, but who knows what 2021 may bring? We aim to visit any 'bit' of the UK who will have us, just get in touch!

BATH COMEDY FEST    Widcombe Socia Club       Saturday 7th April 3pm

BODMIN                          Bodmin Museum                Thursday 7th June 4pm

LUDLOW FRINGE           The Blue Boar                    Saturday 30th June 1pm

BATH FOLK FESTIVAL   St James' Wine Vaults       Saturday 11th August 3pm

EDINBURGH                   Waverley Bar                      Thursday 23rd August 1pm

FRESHFORD                   The Inn                                Saturday 15th September

AVONCLIFF                    The Cross Guns                  Saturday 29th September

BATH HALLOWEEN       Ring O'Bells                        Saturday 27th October 4pm

ABERGAVENNY             Broadleaf Books                 Tuesday 6th November 6pm

BATH YULE                    The Bell Inn                         Saturday 15th December 4pm

WORLD BOOK DAY       Merlin Theatre, Frome       7th March

LONDON LAUNCH        Owl & Hitchhiker N7           25 March 7pm

BATH LAUNCH              Widcombe Social Club       Saturday 30th March 12pm

BATH                               Festival of Nature               Saturday 1st June

LUDLOW                         Ludlow Fringe                     Saturday 15th June​ 11am

WINSHAM                       Street Fair                           Saturday 29th June

CARDIFF                         Candy Jar Stall, Centre      Saturday 10th August 3pm

EDINBURGH                   Scott Monument                 Saturday 24th August 5pm

CANTERBURY                The Unicorn Inn                  Saturday 21st September 4pm

PETERBOROUGH          Thorney Village Hall           Friday 27th September 7pm

CHELTENHAM               Pledge Show                      TBC


come and join in the fun...


Brother Bernard (and sometimes Sister Sal) travel all over the UK sharing stories and putting on special shows in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Canterbury, London, Ludlow, Bath, Bodmin, Cheltenham, Glastonbury, and maybe somewhere near YOU! Get in touch!